Ron McIntosh

Ron McIntosh is a Trompe L'oeil painter from Laramie, Wyoming. Ron's passion for creating art and educating students has served him well in more than twenty years of K-12 and university classrooms. 

Much as a surgeon will sometimes take up an activity such as playing the piano or tying fishing lures to enhance dexterity, Ron is commonly found with pencil in hand sketching as he maintains the hand control he needs to create Trompe L'oeil works. Ron's talent has been recognized by many, and his works have sold in several galleries across the Rocky Mountain region, in addition to being displayed in many prominent shows and locations.

Select Exhibitions & Awards

Inaugural Artist in Residence 
Wyoming Technology Business Center
Laramie, Wyo. - 2014

Four paintings purchased
Committee for the Wyoming Air National Guard Readiness Center
Cheyenne, Wyo.
- 2011

Governors Capitol Art Exhibit
Cheyenne, Wyo. - 2010

Wyoming Arts Council Gallery solo show; Cheyenne, Wyo. - 2004

Margaret Klimek-Philips Bequest Award for $28,000: 2003 Bequest winners mentioned in Mrs. Klimek-Philips obituary in Art in America Magazine - 2004