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Welcome to my blog!

Recently I was asked to post images of my work on Facebook.  The challenge came from a Laramie artist and friend Wendy B. She asked me to post three of my paintings or drawings, every day for five consecutive days…I agreed. People responded with compliments, “very nice,” “wow,” “I love your work,” “that’s cool,” “great,” and “noir revisited!” I was gratified to hear from these folks. Many people were kind enough to like and even share the work on their own timelines too.

What has transpired is a number of artists from Wyoming and Colorado posted their art on FB in the last couple of weeks. I have seen pieces from old friends I lost touch with, artists in Laramie with new work, and now my brother Mike is going to take up the challenge. I don’t know who dreamed up this scheme, but it has been a success! Simply, Facebook has become a cyberspace-gallery for people to enjoy. Individuals I never thought would comment on my art have written me glowing remarks.

It is day four of my five-day posting period. I wonder what I’m going to show for the next couple of days. I will ask my son Ross to choose paintings he likes and post them tonight. Thursday posts will be my last contributions to end a five day FB cyberspace gallery experience. It’s been fun to share my art with an audience of hundreds of people. Wow, Facebookers (I just made that term up) have been the best!  I’m encouraged by the success of this project and I want to thank Wendy for the invite, and the person or persons who imagined using FB in this way.  I’m looking forward to the next challenge!

All the best,

Ron McIntosh