The new space

Welcome to my Blog! History in the making! I am the first artist working in the Wyoming Technology Business Center, a technology business incubation program, whose offices are mostly occupied with technical business startups and WTBC staff…I like being the new guy, the artist. My support is the same as the tech businesses, everyone treated as individuals, typifying their needs. 

March is the month I have moved into my office/studio on the campus of the University of Wyoming. My individual studio needs: one desk removed one kept, a chair and bookcase purchased…bookcase is my easel, the carpet was taken up; wooden strips installed near the ceiling where the wall and ceiling meet. The strips will be used to hang plastic sheets to cover the walls, making my studio ready to drip and splash paint on the walls or the floor. I will exhibit finished pieces to hang from the strips too, and invite collectors of my drawings and paintings to the studio to purchase art. I am an atypical addition to a traditional office environment.  
The first piece I have worked on at the WBTC studio is a graphite and pastel drawing. It will be photographed for the blog and website in my studio and will hang as the first finished work of my ongoing WBTC studio exhibit. People seeing my work online, are invited to call me at 307-703-1234 whether you are living in Laramie or passing through, my studio is open by appointment to fit the schedule of my visitors. 

I would like to thank Jon Benson and Fred Schmechel for the opportunity to set up an art studio in the Wyoming Technology Business Center. The WTBC seems to be the first university based art incubation program in the nation that isn’t geared specifically for college students, and I am the inaugural artist in residence. I bring my art to the table, they bring new strategies to sell my work. Together it should be quite the feast! 

I invite you, the readers of this blog, to stop by and visit my studio to see the where a little bit of history is taking place.     

All the best,
Ron McIntosh