It's All About the Drawing...

I wonder how many pastel and mixed media drawings I have created since August 2014 till today, April tenth 2015… around 25 to 30 sounds about right.

These drawings consist of images seen in our daily lives, pencils, notebook paper, sticky notes, manila envelopes, scotch tape and portraits. I make art almost every day: taking a non-descript common object and giving it a presence of its own. These subjects are important to us, but taken for granted. I like to raise them up a little and make them into art.  Reminds me of people who go through life without much personal creativity, they may consider making a drawing or sculpture or even themselves into living art ….

Making paintings and drawings gives me a different point of view from my family and friends. I will be walking down the sidewalk with a buddy of mine and say” hey stop, look at that crack in the concrete, it looks like a painting by Franz Kline, or a truck, davenport or my old man. ”My friend will usually say, “Oh, I can’t see any of that, it just looks like a crack in the sidewalk.” A common sight to see for both of us, but to me it’s a piece of art made by the environment it exists in…really cool that the elements created it. It’s the moment that I see something in a wall or a tree…stuff of our lives, that my spirit is raised a half- a-step.

I see from the objects I paint, I raise my spirit too and it is enhanced by the reactions I observe from people looking at my work; it brings them a smile and a sense of wonderment. Many people insist on touching it, sometimes I let them…increasing their fascination. It only lasts a moment, but its enough to go on with and downright fun for me!

Tomorrow I begin snapping pictures of the August to April art, and will trade out some paintings on my site for some of these pastels.

You can see the new work next week. I will show you the best of them and look forward to your reactions.

All the best!